Hi, my name is Katie Lolas, a.k.a. Lady Lolas, and welcome to my website. I live in Sydney, Australia, and work as a high school teacher. Lots of people ask me if I’m a trainer, but the answer is no. It’s never been my ambition to make a career out of health and fitness, because I love being a teacher. However, I want to demonstrate how simple changes can improve your life, as they have mine. I have created this website because I love engaging with like-minded women, and if my story, progress and lifestyle inspire and encourage you to achieve your own goals, then I am happy.

After years of suffering from chronic IBS and constantly injuring my back, I decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I started my Instagram @lady.lolas as a fitness journal to share with my personal network in order to keep myself accountable...

Being active and healthy is now my definition of happiness...

My goal is for you to feel the same




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