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My Story

Hey Ladies, my name is Katie Lolas (or Lady Lolas on the ‘gram) and I’m a school teacher from Sydney, Australia. 


I spent my 20s with a fixation on being thin. I had this compulsion to stay around 65kg and would do anything required to achieve this, including obsessive calorie counting, restrictive dieting and excessive amounts of cardio. While the number on the scale and my dress size were always in-line with what my mind (and society it seems) dictated how a woman should be, I was far from healthy. I developed IBS as a result of my erratic dieting and the overtraining led to a chronic back injury. 


I knew that changes had to be made, and as I entered my 30s, my philosophy on what constitutes health began to change and it’s been truly transformative. There’s been nothing extreme about my approach. That means no uncompromising fad diets and no regimented training programs. Instead, I’ve implemented sustainable strategies such as meal prepping, moving my body in ways that I enjoy and taking time out for me when I need it, and the benefits have been innumerable. I no longer obsess over calories or the scales, exercise myself into a frenzy, or allow touched-up pictures I see online to direct how I feel about myself. 


My Mantra


The mantra that I live by is ‘fuel, move, transform’. I truly believe that by fuelling your body with nutritious, wholesome foods and regularly doing things you enjoy that get your body moving, you will transform, and I don’t just mean this in the physical sense. I can’t adequately articulate the positive effect this approach has had on my mental health, attitude and the way I feel about myself. 


My Mission 


I never set out to have a following, but I’m truly humbled that people have taken an interest in my journey and am so grateful to belong to such an incredible, supportive community of like-minded women. I want to use this platform to help other women realise that they too can unlock their health and happiness by implementing simple strategies that work for them. 


The greatest project you can ever work on is yourself, so I’ve now made it my mission to try and build a community that inspires women to make themselves a priority by creating healthy habits. If I can enable even one woman to discover that being healthy doesn’t mean restrictive or boring, and empower her to be kind to herself, then I am satisfied. 

Life is about evolving, let’s do it together x

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