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Food Storage Tips

There's nothing worse than having to waste food that you have recently prepared or just purchased because it's gone off. To avoid that kind of situation here's a handy guide to show the ideas storage times for chicken beef and salmon. Use this as a reference guide to prevent your #LLMEALPREP efforts from going to waste!


Raw Chicken 

Fridge: 1-2 days

Freezer: 6 months

Cooked Chicken 

Fridge: 3-4 days

Freezer: 2-3 months


Raw Beef

Fridge: 3-5 days

Freezer: 6-9 months

Cooked Beef

Fridge: 3- 4 days

Freezer: 3 – 6 months


Raw Salmon

Fridge: 1-2 days

Freezer: 3- 6 months

Cooked Salmon

Fridge: 3 – 4 days

Freezer: 3 – 6 months

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